Date: 11th & 12th of July 2019

Venue: Hannover, Germany

DIMELI4AC partners met in Hannover on July 11-12 2019 to wrap up the results of their first nine months of collaboration. After conducting extensive research on the state of digital media literacy in four countries, it was time to evaluate the work done so far and plan the next few steps ahead.

Over the last six months DIMELI4AC partners have been busy analysing the level of knowledge and perception of the concept of digital media literacy in their countries, with a specific focus on Cyprus, Germany and Greece. After conducting an initial document and policy analysis, they developed three targeted surveys for students, parents, and teachers in order to investigate their (real and perceived) level of digital media literacy and how the topic is addressed at school and at home.

The meeting in Hannover was an important occasion to discuss the next steps in the development of the Competence Framework, which entailed answering questions such as: