Avatar Game: An innovative assessment tool for students

What is this about?

The DIMELI Avatar game is an innovative assessment method, whereby students can obtain the DIMELI badge after playing the co-op, board-game format game.

In order to play the game, the player chooses an avatar:

DIMELI Avatar game

DIMELI Platform: Interactive and dynamic platform

What is this about?

The DIMELI e-Learning Platform is a dynamic and interactive platform that hosts all the learning pack, assessment methods, whereby students can register and obtain the DIMELI badges.


Open Badges Eco-System

The DIMELI4AC consortium has designed the framework and teaching-learning material for the following modules  based on the results of IO1, targeted to the needs of students, as well as on partners’ suggestions based on their expertise and experience in the field:

There are 2 badges for each of the modules, based on the age group of the individuals (10-12, 13-15), 1 Silver (Basic) and 1 Gold (Intermediate), thus 12 badges in total. Upon completion of all the modules and the game designed, the students will be awarded the corresponding Silver or Gold Overall Badge, if they achieve a mark of 80% or higher on each of the assessments. These badges are made available for earning via the e-Learning Platform ( https://dimeli.erasmusplus.website/) , which has been designed specifically for the learning and assessment purposes of the DIMELI4AC project.   

Silver Level

Gold Level


This guide provides more information regarding the following:
theoretical background of the methodology used.
description of the ecosystem designed here in relation to the structure, criteria and description for issuers, graphic design, technological integration with the e-platform (IO4) and endorsement procedure
practical guidelines for issuing an OPEN BADGE by using the open platform developed.