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Memorandum of Endorsement, Support & Commitment for DIMELI4AC Stakeholders

In recent years, the ability to read, analyse and interpret different types of media content has become an increasingly essential skill to possess as most of the information we receive daily through a complex and interwoven system of electronic media technologies.

In response to this need, DIMELI4AC seeks to support the development of digital and media literacy among children and teenagers aged 10 to 15, empowering them to become responsible citizens in an increasingly interconnected, digitalised and online world.

The project will develop several educational resources:

  • The overarching Digital Competence Framework with inbuilt benchmarks and indicators against which the learning progress will monitored, the newly acquired skills and attitudes will be assessed
  • A comprehensive Tool Kit to support educational institutions, households and other organisations in the development of their own Digital and Media Literacy Action Plan for Active Citizenship.

This includes the following Learning Modules aiming at supporting Educators, Parents and other Stakeholders likewise:

– Module 1: Online Safety (incl. Cyber Security, Malware, Phishing & Pharming, Social Engineering);

– Module 2: Media Industry (incl. Traditional & New Media);

– Module 3: Information & Media Literacy (incl. Mis-, Mal- and Disinformation & Fact Checking);

– Module 4: Digital Manipulation (incl. Social Bots, Clickbait Strategies);

– Module 5: Personal Threats (incl. Cyber Bullying, Online Grooming, Hate Speech etc);

– Module 6: Managing Online Identity (incl. Netiquette, Digital Footprint, Screen Time Management).

  • Educational Pack with interactive learning and training resources (i.e. videos, games, simulations etc) and programmes for teachers and parents;
  • Assessment and Validation Tools (i.e. online games avatars) to monitor, record, evaluate and validate the acquisition of digital and media literacy skills and competences;
  • Dynamic and interactive Web Platform to encourage communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders;
  • Online Showcase and observatories with resources, materials and best practices
  • e-Academy offering online courses for teachers;
  • DIMELI4AC@SCHOOL Student’s Clubs & Summer Schools offering blended learning opportunities.
  • Multidisciplinary Campaigns, multifaceted Ambassadors and Stakeholder Communities.

Endorsing, supporting and committing to the ideas of Digital Media Literacy for Active Citizenship (DIMELI4AC) means that an organisation and its members, at the all levels agree to put the principles of DIMELI4AC into practice through its policies, processes and practices. It is a formal and public acknowledgement that an organization is committed to promote Digital Media Literacy in order to secure respect, diversity, tolerance, protection of data, human rights in Europe and worldwide.

Stating your endorsement, support and commitment to DIMELI4AC is fairly easy, and only requires the following steps:

1. Endorsement & Support Letter: We ask organisations and individuals to share a letter with their signature and stamp (where applicable). The letter should include the following statement:

“As an endorser and supporter of the Principles of Digital Media Literacy for Active Citizenship, I / we / our organisation are committed to actively embody the concepts of DIMELI4AC, represented in our work culture and in the policies, processes and practices guiding our daily activities.”

There is not a formal endorsement form that needs to be completed; an organisation or individual can simply draft their own letter with the above statement included. We encourage organisations and individuals to briefly introduce themselves and to shortly describe how they envision that DIMELI4AC Service Portfolio will be fitting into their work.

2. Logo: Organisations should share their logo for inclusion on the DIMELI4AC website, Social Media sites and other promotional materials.

3. Ambassador(s): Organisations should identify at least one person who will serve as the Ambassador(s) of DIMELI4AC. This/these person/s will serve as the liaison between the project and the endorsing organisation. They will serve as internal and external champions to increase awareness and support the integration of the Digital Media Literacy in the policies, processes and practices of the endorsing organisation.

4. DIMELI4AC Campaigns & Communities: Ambassadors will actively support the campaigns, initiatives or activities of in order to raise awareness, to develop competences and literacies as well as to ensure respect, dignity and self-consciousnesses. DIMELI4AC will assist the campaigns by sharing guidance materials, make connections to other endorsing organisations and provide details on upcoming events and workshops. The advancement of DIMELI4AC is highly dependent on active and engaged Communities of Practice. These communities serve as a platform and mechanism for all stakeholders to come together, to exchange about the state-of-the-art, to address current challenges and pitfalls, to celebrate achievements and to discuss the evolution of Digital Media Literacy and the role of electronic media in achieving Active Citizenship.

Embracing the Principles of openness, cooperation and collaboration, DIMELI4AC hopes that individuals and organisations will share their successes stories in fostering Digital Media Literacy and promoting Active Citizenship in their own work. The project has developed a Case Study Template to make it easier for organisations and individuals to share experiences back with the community.


In order to endorse and support DIMELI4AC you can either fill in the online submission form or download the Memorandum and send the completed form to the Project Coordination of DIMELI4AC using the postal address as displayed below.

Please send the completed form to the Project Coordinator of DIMELI4AC using the following address:

Elizaveta Firsova

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Institut für Didaktik der Demokratie

Callinstraße 20

30167 Hannover