DIMELI@SCHOOL Competence Framework

What is this about?

What do we mean exactly when we say we aim to support students in the “development of their Digital Media Literacy skills“? The DIMELI@SCHOOL Competence Framework is where you will find all the answers: this instrument contains a list of specific skills that we consider essential to become a responsible digital citizen.

The DIMELI@SCHOOL Competence Framework is based on two important criteria:

Benchmarks indicate the specific objectives that learners should accomplish. Teachers always keep them in mind to make sure that they are guiding the learner in the right direction.

Indicators mark the level of acquisition of a specific competence. They help learners locate themselves in a wider perspective and allow them to identify areas for improvement.

We are working on this!

We plan to publish the DIMELI@SCHOOL Competence Framework in the second half of 2019.

Stay tuned!