Date: April 2019

Venue: Ellinogermaniki Agogi School

A focus group meeting took place on Monday the 8th of April 2019, at EA school premises with the view to present the project and the preliminary results of IO1. These were the main discussion topics:

  • Brief presentation of desk research and survey results of IO1
  • Reflection and sharing of thoughts and opinions from their perspective/ experience?
  • Missing and insufficiently presented parameters;
  • Digital and media literacy and Greek curriculum; prerequisites for the successful implementation
  • Suggested additions and revisions to strengthen the digital media literacy of school students
  • Conclusions and recommendations

After a fruitful discussion we concluded that we need to take the following steps to incorporate digital and media literacy into our strategic vision and national action plan:

  • Making better use of digital technology for teaching and learning,
  • Developing digital competences and skills
  • Ensuring equity and quality of access and infrastructure
  • Tackling the connectivity divide, online safety, and cyber hygiene
  • Empowering and connecting educators
  • Acquiring digital skills needs to start at an early age and carrying on throughout life are.

Date: 20th October 2020

Venue: “OSOS” Portal

A DIMELIΑC community was created within the “Open schools for open societies” portal in which 2406 teachers and 1204 schools around Europe are currently members. This portal has been created in the framework of the OSOS project that Ellinogermaniki Agogi coordinates. It transforms schools into innovative ecosystems that act as shared sites of science learning in which leaders, teachers, students, and the local community cooperate. A great opportunity to disseminate the results of the project! (

Dates: 3th & 5th of November 2020

Venue: On-line workshops

Two online workshops were organized by Ellinogermaniki Agogi before the implementation of the DIMELI toolkit in class. At the first event class teachers participated and at the second one computer science teachers. Two teachers who attended the C1 training event and were familiar with the use of the platform and its content introduced the DIMELI pedagogical framework and the toolkit to the other teachers that participated. Afterwards, teachers carefully discussed about the resources of the platform and planned the implementation in class. Moreover, teachers who are specialized in computer science took part in the second workshop because they were involved in the pilot in order support students in case any technical problem would occur. In addition, they were responsible for presenting the DIMELI platform and explain to students how to use it. They also did all the preparatory work for subscribing students to the platform and make it easier for them to access it.