Date: 10th June 2021

Venue: Seminar “Digital Media in History and Political Education” Leibniz Unversity Hannover and University of Vienna

The strategy of Dimeli4AC was presented and discussed in the seminar “Digital Media in History and Political Education” The seminar deals with the fact, that digital media poses new challenges to our democratic coexistence. They offer the potential for democratization, but at the same time create new forms of exclusion. Access to internet-based technology is unequally distributed, as are the skills needed to use it competently.
The seminar will therefore focus on central questions that describe the relationship between political education and digitization:

  1. Youth and digitalization – empirical findings!
  2. Civic consciousness and digitization – what influence do digital media and social networks have on meaning-making processes and self- and world appropriation?
  3. The power of algorithms – what role do global technology companies play in digital political education processes?
  4. Political action in the digitalized world! What characterizes digital citizenship?

The seminar provides in-depth competencies on different levels. On the knowledge level, the participants learn basics about empirical findings on the usage behavior of digital media by young people. Furthermore, they learn about new forms of participation and participation opportunities through digital media and networks. On an analytical level, exclusion mechanisms and structures of the digital and mediatized world (“digital divide”) are elaborated and reflected upon. In addition, new forms of democratization and participation will be examined and critically questioned. By applying our own digital methods, we will also test how digital media can be successfully integrated into didactic concepts.
Against the backdrop of current social challenges and the civic and democratic mission of schools, the seminar will also reflect on the learning-theoretical foundations of democracy education, deal with different concepts and approaches of engagement and democracy

education in the context of global and social change processes, ask about processes of engagement and democracy education in the digital age, and derive conclusions for democratic school development internally and externally.

Seminar Objectives:
Students acquire reflective knowledge and competencies
– in dealing with and critically reflecting on digital media,
– in relation to current scientific analyses and concepts in the context of political education
– with regard to didactic and teaching implementation possibilities.