Digital Media Literacy for Active Citizenship

Digital Media Literacy for Active Citizenship

A toolkit to promote critical thinking and democratic values


In recent years, the ability to read and interpret different types of media has become an increasingly essential skill as most of the information we receive comes to us through a complex and interwoven system of media technologies.

The DIMELI4AC project aims to promote the development of digital media literacy and critical thinking skills among students aged 10 to 15 with the support of their parents, teachers and schools.

The DIMELI e-Learning Platform is a dynamic and interactive platform that hosts all the learning pack, assessment methods, whereby students can register and obtain the DIMELI badges.

The DIMELI Avatar game is an innovative assessment method, whereby students can obtain the DIMELI badge after playing the co-op, board-game format game.

In order to play the game, the player chooses an avatar:

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